Rate Limiting & Quotas

Each API plan comes with a daily quota of points. Every API call you make costs a certain amount of points. Usually, every request is
1 point
0.01 points
per result returned, but there are many exceptions. At the bottom of each endpoint description you will find information about the number of points required for that endpoint.

When you are on the free plan and your daily quota is used up, the API will respond with the error code 402 and no more calls can be made until your quota resets.

You have complete control over your quota by looking at your console dashboard and checking the API response headers that appear with every answer from the API. These response headers are:

  • X-API-Quota-Request: The number of points used by the request.
  • X-API-Quota-Used: The number of points used in total today. This number resets to zero at midnight UTC (click here to compare to your local time zone).
  • X-API-Quota-Left: The number of points left today (depends on your plan).

Rate Limiting

There is a limit of how many requests you can make per second. The limits depend on the plan you are on. If you try making more requests you will receive a 429 error.

  • Free: 60 requests in 1 minute
  • Reporter: 2 requests per second
  • Journalist: 10 requests per second
  • Editor: 20 requests per second