7th of June, 2024

A lot has happened, here's a roundup of things that have improved. Please make sure you read the deprecation notice below as well:

  • New endpoint for breaking news! You can get the Top News for any country and language.
  • The tutorial on how to get started using our Python SDK was updated and is even easier to follow now.
  • If you are more interested in using the Javascript SDK, there is now an easy to install NPM Package!
  • The news extraction endpoint now gives you multiple images (complete with caption and dimensions if possible), multiple videos (including summary, url, and duration if available).
  • Over 500 news sources were added in the last month.
  • News Extraction time up to 40 times faster now.

Deprecation Notice

Deprecation of fields until end of 2024: Since the extraction endpoint now returns a collection of images, videos, and authors, the fields "author", "image", and "video" are deprecated and will be removed by 31st of December 2024. Please do not use them in your code but make use of the more comprehensive collection versions of these fields.