API Pricing


$0 /mo

50 points/day
then no more calls
1 request/s
1 conc. request
1 month history
99.9% uptime
Discord Support
No Front Pages
Backlink Required


$39 /mo

500 points/day
then $0.003/point
2 request/s
5 conc. requests
Unlimited history
99.9% uptime
Discord Support
Front Pages
No Backlink


$379 /mo

5,000 points/day
then $0.0025/point
10 request/s
10 conc. requests
Unlimited history
99.9% uptime
Email Support
Front Pages
No Backlink


$1,779 /mo

50,000 points/day
then $0.002/point
20 request/s
20 conc. requests
Unlimited history
99.9% uptime
Phone Support
Front Pages
No Backlink


What is a point?

A point (or "token" or "credit") is a cost associated with each API endpoint. You can see how many points are required to make a request - which also depends on how you set the parameters - in the documentation of each endpoint. If you exceed your daily point limit, you will be charged for each additional point used.

What is a request?

A request is a single API call and is used to measure the number of requests per second and concurrent requests. Concurrent requests are requests that you started and that are running in parallel. For example, let's assume your plan allows for two concurrent requests and you run two searches in quick succession and they both take three seconds to respond then you have two concurrent requests. If you try calling the API with another request during that time you will receive an error until at least one of the requests finished.

You can learn more about this in the rate limiting documentation.

What is the history limit?

The history limit is how far back in time you can query the news database. The free plan lets you look back 1 month, while the paid plans go back until 1st of January 2022.

What is the uptime guarantee?

The uptime guarantee is the amount of time the API is available. We guarantee 99.9% uptime for all plans.

What is the support level?

The support level is the level of support you receive. The free plan only includes support on our Discord server, while the paid plans include email or scheduled phone support.

What is the Front Pages feature?

The Front Pages feature is a feature that allows you to get the front pages of 6,000 newspapers from 125 countries.

What is the Backlink Requirement?

The backlink requirement is a link to worldnewsapi.com on your website or application. This is required for the free plan, but not for the paid plans. You can copy the link template below:

<a href="https://worldnewsapi.com/">World News API<a>